Why Mannix Beef?

Because it is delightful! Mannix Grass Finished Beef is optimally marbled, or “finished” to deliver a consistently great eating experience. We are confident that you will find our natural beef to be of the highest quality: tender, flavorful, and simply good for you.


Mannix Family Grass-finished beef is:

  • 100% grass-fed & finished in Montanas Blackfoot Valley

  • Is grown without added hormones or antibiotics

  •  Dry-aged 10-14 days for optimal flavor & tenderness

Grass Finished Beef:

  • Is more nutrient dense and flavorful - Cattle that finish more slowly on more diverse landscapes transfer that biochemical richness to their meat

  • Has a healthier fat profile - grass-fed beef is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs)


We work to produce superior grass finished beef through


Improved Genetics

Over the last 15 years we have been selecting for genetics that are more adapted to our environment, are smaller framed, and add fat and marbling more effectively on grass based forages.


Low Stress Stock Handling

We aim to provide our cattle with the highest standard of care and are operating under the philosophy that low-stress stockmanship and calving in sync with nature are best practices that decrease stress and lead to healthier more productive cattle. We emphasize developing these skills in our employees and have it in mind when designing stock handling facilities.


Careful Grazing Management

More flavorful and more nutrient dense meat comes starts with grazing diverse and nutrient dense forages, which grow in healthier soils, which can be built with careful grazing management. We practice carefully managed Holistic grazing, working to rotate cattle, provide pastures with adequate rest, maintain ground cover, and build soil. Our grass finished beef are grazed on an increasing plane of nutrition, starting by grazing along side their mothers, moving to rotational grazing on our irrigated pastures as yearlings, and finishing on our highest quality dryland pastures.


Hand Selection of Finished Animals

We hand pick animals that have achieved optimal levels of finish every two weeks to take to the butcher. We believe that this, along with the above practices, helps us to achieve a consistently high quality marbled beef product.